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No Damage. No Disease. No Rodents.

Mice and rats are infamous for their ability to squeeze through even the tiniest of holes – and that makes each and every home a target all year long. The Rodent360 maintenance plan focuses on identifying possible rodent access points and blocking them off to keep your home rodent-free, protecting you, your family, and the structural integrity of your home. Starting at just $49 a month.

Keeps Mice And Rats Out Of The Home Year-Round

Exterior Reinforcement And Bait Placement In Problem Areas

Regular Check-Ins To Ensure Rodents Stay Gone

Our Rodent Control Process

Our process is developed to get rodents out and keep them out. Here’s how it works:



Your technician will start with a thorough inspection to determine how the mice or rats got in, where they are harboring, and what the extent of the issue is.



Your technician will then go over their plan for service with you before getting to work. In most cases this will include sealing up any small entry points, placing necessary bait stations around the exterior, and starting the trapping process in the areas of concern.



After initial service, your technician will follow up to trap and remove the mice or rats, monitor bait stations, and double-check exclusion points every 7-14 days until rodents are gone. Once the mice or rats are gone, we will regularly monitor the situation to prevent re-entry.

Home360 plan

Home 360

Home360 plan

The GoodMonsters Home360 plan creates a protective barrier around your home and property to keep every pest imaginable out — including over a dozen common house insects and rodents like mice and rats. Starting at just $59 a month.
Home 360

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