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Integrated Pest Management

At GoodMonsters, we train and implement an approach to pest control shared among the best pest control companies in the world. Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is a highly effective approach to pest control problem solving that aims to minimize the impact to the environment and your family. Far from outdated “spray and pray” methods, this approach keeps our services highly targeted and tailored to your specific situation.

1. Evaluation- Understand the customer’s goal’s

Many customers have a zero-tolerance approach to pests, while others may have multiple chemical sensitivities that demand little or no use of pesticides. We put together a service plan based on your goals.

2. Identification- Analyze the pest problem

Identify the specific pest species of concern, the population levels, points of access, and areas of harborage.

3. Intervention- Take immediate corrective action

Treat based on the specific pest species, the life cycle of the pest, and feeding habits.

4. Prevention- Implement preventative measures

Prevention is focus of IPM. Knowing what conditions led to the initial pest presence so that we can take long term action and drop pest levels down to the customers tolerance level is key.

5. Evaluate results

Keeping detailed records of our services, the measures we used, and the level of activity as well as keeping you with the same technician from service to service tells us whether the process is successful, or if we need to change our strategy.

6. Inform the customer

All service records, what we did, what we used and any recommendations, are uploaded to your customer portal for review and accessible whenever you need them.

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Our tiered approach to pest control problem solving


After a thorough inspection of the pest issue, our licensed technicians start with the least invasive measures to confidently control your pests.


If, for whatever reason, your pests return, we will return at no additional cost to increase the level of control or change our methods.


If after your second touch up visit, your pests persist, our expert technicians can schedule a full interior service to treat the wall voids, all bathrooms, kitchens, cracks and crevices. Out of an abundance of caution, your technician might require you leave the home vacant for a couple hours after the service to air out and settle.

Pest360 plan

Pest 360

Pest360 plan

Insects can ruin food, spread disease, and even cause costly damage to homes. Pest360 stops these problems at the source, with full property audits and maintenance conducted by GoodMonsters pest control experts who care the most about getting the job done right. Starting at just $39 a month.