• Ant Control

Threats That Ants Pose

Food Contamination

Ants can carry pathogenic bacteria and fungi that, when spread into food sources, can cause disease in humans.

Structural Damage

In the process of building their nests, ant colonies can cause damage to structures, property, and home appliances.

Painful BitesĀ 

All ants can bite, and while this can go practically unnoticed by some, some people can experience serious reactions that cause pain, redness, and swelling.

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Custom Ant Solutions

To solve your unique ant problem, we take the time and care to implement treatment and prevention tactics that really work.



Your tech does a full inspection to identify any existing compromised areas of your property that may lead to a carpenter ant infestation and provide a full report on the areas of concern.



Based on the magnitude of the problem, your tech will create and implement a treatment plan best suited to take care of the pest problems that are plaguing your home. Your technician will communicate with you frequently throughout this process so that you know exactly what we will be doing and why.



We will establish a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly treatment plan based on your wants and needs. These treatment plans will not only help eliminate existing carpenter ant problems, but will protect your home from future problems as well.

Home360 plan

Home 360

Home360 plan

The GoodMonsters Home360 plan creates a protective barrier around your home and property to keep every pest imaginable out — including over a dozen common house insects and rodents like mice and rats. Starting at just $49 a month.
Home 360