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Building a Barrier That Won’t Budge

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When your GoodMonsters tech creates a protective barrier around your home, they are deploying a completely pesticide-free protective measure involving barrier installation at weak spots around the exterior of the home. These barriers are strong and durable enough to keep pests and rodents out.

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How it Works



Your GoodMonsters Rodent & Wildlife Expert inspects your home for any weak points where rodents and other pests may be able to enter the home.



After establishing a plan with you, your GoodMonsters Rodent & Wildlife Expert will install barriers at the identified problem areas, blocking any existing pest entryways and eliminating the potential for new pest problems in the future.



Your GoodMonsters Rodent & Wildlife Expert will return to your home periodically to check on the condition of your exclusion barriers, make any necessary repairs, and apply additional pest control treatments if necessary.

The Cure For the Common Wildlife Pest

When pest-proofing your home, you are protecting yourself from a number of the most common nuisance wildlife and rodents found in Northwestern Washington state, including:






& More!

Pest360 plan

Pest 360

Pest360 plan

Insects can ruin food, spread disease, and even cause costly damage to homes. Pest360 stops these problems at the source, with full property audits and maintenance conducted by GoodMonsters pest control experts who care the most about getting the job done right. Starting at just $39 a month.